Thursday, 1 October 2015

New Instruments For Sale

8-key Balafon

Made here in Dorset from a mixture of new and reclaimed materials, with 8 mahogany keys.

The piece includes four fold-away legs, or can be played with legs folded away on a table or across one's lap. 2 balsa-wood beaters are included, and the piece also features a storage compartment for them.

Price £120.00. Delivery extra by arrangement.

10-key Balafon

Also made here in Dorset from a mixture of reclaimed and new materials, this balafon has mahogany keys. This gives a rich resonant sound. It can be supported on its 4 foldaway legs or played on the lap or resting on a table or chair. 

Price £200.00. Delivery extra, by arrangement.


Large dun-dun (dundunba) restored with cow rawhide. Priced at £300.00, which includes folding wooden stand, two balsawood beaters and an alo bell. Delivery extra, by arrangement.

Large "BQ" Balafon

This incredibly sturdy instrument can be played enthusiastically by up to four players at a time. Built from new pressure-treated softwood (with other materials in the frame), it comes with fold-away legs and a compartment for storing the two sets of balsa wood beaters supplied. 

Price (delivery extra)

8 keys -  £200.00

10 keys - £250.00